Dweedy — The Imagined Adventures of my Deceased Cat by Meaghan Tosi

Genre: Children

Age: 5 and up

I went scrolling through Etsy and stumbled upon the comics/graphic novel section (Etsy is an extremely dangerous place). I saw the cover of this book and my heart melted in my chest. It went in my cart immediately. I was so excited when this book came in the mail.

It’s exactly what the title suggests. It’s the post-mortem adventures of the author’s cat Amaya (Dweedy). It is so cute and sweet that my little hear could not handle it. It’s the adventures of what the cat would do in the afterlife: chasing yarn, killing mice, having hair balls, and loving its owner. It made me tear up at it end as it was so cute and heartwarming. I am a huge cat person, so it pulled at my heartstrings big time.

It comes bound beautifully. I got a wonderful personalized note from the author/etsy store owner, and a magnet with our cute little ghost kitty Dweedy on it. I can’t recommend this enough to anyone who loves cats, cute stories, and just a feel good tale of a deceased cats adventures. It is great for kids and adults a like.

5 out 0f 5: Make that Etsy purchase today!!!

Etsy Link: https://etsy.me/2FqbITi

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