Golly! Catching Hell! — Phil Hester and Brook Turner

Genre: Sci-if, Comedy

Age Range: 17+

Explicit Language, Violence, Sexual Themes

In my ventures out in the wild at my favorite used bookstore, I found this comic and the cover alone was enough for me to bring it home and dive into it. I thumbed through the pages and the artwork enticed more.

This story follows our protagonist Golly Munhollen, a carny repairman and demolition derby driver. The plot, without giving away too many spoilers, is that the Apocalypse was supposed to happen, but due to lack of interest in both Heaven and Hell, it has been postponed indefinitely. It seems that some demons didn’t get that memo. Who has been given the heavenly powers to take on the task of saving the world from these demons? It’s our foul-mouthed, redneck friend Golly. His ragtag group of carny friends, and his departed friend Nob who acts as is guide (whose ashes are in an old PBR can [you’ll have to read the book to get more details]), are off to put a stop to these demonic beings.

What are my overall thoughts on the story? I have to say, the entire concept of the story was enough to keep me interested. I was afraid that the novelty would wear off as I kept reading, but I found it funny and very entertaining throughout. I will warn you that the language in this comic is very crass and (trigger warning) there is some homophobic language that comes up from very side characters. These characters usually get some form of consequence due to their ignorance, but I thought it was important to give you the heads up if this was deal breaker. I honestly have to say that I am interested in seeing where the story has to go with our friend Golly.

3.5 out of 5 — Worth a read!


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